Wednesday, August 22, 2007


To Master One's Bait

Your bait is what is used to hook, line, and sink your master or spouse. How's that for morbid? Where else could the word come from though?

Maybe it doesn't have to have such a negative connotation. You're not actually trying to trap your master, as you are your own master but I guess it's more like:

Your private part, whether vagina or penis, is your bait. The tool used to attract a sexual partner by way of visual or touch stimulation.

But in order to attract a partner, one must master themselves. A person must learn to walk and talk and all the other fun things we do. You know, master those skills. One of those skills is the ability to master all the tools you were provided. Naturally, this would include your sexual tool. Your bait.

You need to master your bait.

I'm just high. I didn't just finish a session. I'll be sure to tell you when that happens. lol

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