Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's almost over? (again)

Within hours, my quest for teaching eligibility will no be no longer.

That doesn't mean I'll be hired and actually employed with benefits, but it does allow principals and everyone to see my file. And from there, the skies the limit.
The limit is really down to what Health and Physical Education teaching positions are open in Montgomery County, who begins classes in less than 2 weeks.

I'm told, this is the time to not freak out, but to be on the ready for phone calls. Thank you for those that have been behind me, pushing me towards my goal. To those that signed the necessary forms in such quick fashion. Thank you to those that actually called me back (not many of them). And fuck you, to anybody who isn't on my side. ;) That's how I roll!

So in this time of continued waiting, I still remain pesimisstic toward 'the man' and how I've been held back a few years now.
But today, I'm sick of bitching and moaning, so I'm gonna leave it up to the wills-that-be(e), and do what I gotta do. First up, get outside!!!

First let me lay down my
BB2: you've had more than a medium hard time


Madame M. said...

I honestly don't know how differnt Maryland is from California in terms of schools and school districts. But if it's anything alike, you should be getting more than one (desperate) phonecall. Once the final counts are in, schools can find themselves understaffed. (it also helps if you can cover for other classes besides your actual subject matter).

Best of luck! :o)

lizzie said...

good luck, dude! i've got my fingers crossed for ya...

slightly off subject, but how was your poker game this weekend? did you clean up? :)

honeykbee said...

It's totally going to work out. The little flower told me.

*buzzes away*

Scott said...

::keeping fingers crossed::

Red said...

Monkey County can be a bitch getting into but once you are there you are as good as gold.

I agree you will definitely be getting phone calls because it is always last minute with them.

What grade? Maybe you'll teach Mini Red.

Oh and congrats!

Beakerz said...

Health and Physical education. Hopefully secondary (middle) level, but we'll see what I get offered, if anything.

Madame M. said...

Hey, Health works. If you can swing middle school science, that works too ;o) How did it go?

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