Sunday, July 01, 2007

Is it still today?

I've been told that the day doesn't really end until you get to sleep. If that's true then I've definitely had 32 hour days, like I've always bitched about not having.

Given that it's now 3:12am and I'm starting Donnie Brasco, I'd say there is a good chance of making this a 24 hour weekend day. Like back in the old'n days at WVU, running around the city at all hours and things were always going on. Some place. Even if not invited, there were interesting sounds and activities seen in the places you went to.

The Quik-E-Mart off Stewart St, both of 'em on Sunny Side, Dallas St, ...

Anyway, it's now 4:14am. Been up since 10:56 in the am. Is that 32 hours yet? I'm too damn tired to figure it out.

4:33am - Night kids. Off to tomorrow.

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