Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tell me this isn't funny (Training Update Included)

I mean come on, who doesn't love the mix of these two wonderful things?
---Fruit = good, Cake = good. Oh yea...Fruitcake = Nasty pile of crap

Well, I still enjoyed the video and the audio mix

Enjoy your Thursday

**Training Update: Swam close to 2 miles yesterday. 200, then 1800, then 1000. TIRED!!! after.

Today, Gonna go one mile then to the hot tub. I've been skipping the hot tub because once I take off the wetsuit, I haven't wanted to put on swim trunks and deal with getting in the tub and all that shiot, but I'm so wiped, I gotta.

But then it's on to Sushi! Woo! Gotta love that about Thursday.

Alright, off to finish teaching then make some money Personal Training a client and her friend. Hopefully the friend will want to sign-up. $$$$


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honeykbee said...

Best Family Guy ever!

baby baby baby baby baby

Sushi wasn't bad either. Hey maybe all that fish will help with your swimming??

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