Thursday, May 03, 2007

Would post more but...

life has gotten super busy again.

Swimming alot. June 10th is coming.

Got my CUC degree today. I'll let ya know what that does for me when I get the time.

Too tired. Back to work at 7am. The life of a teacher


Laurie said...

just when i found you. my loss.

a teacher is a wonderful thing.

Carrie M said...

but you're working, so that's good right? :-)

Madame M. said...

well, busy=happier, right?

B said...

You'd like to think that busier is better, but I'm running on fumes ya know?

Fighting off a cold while training my ass off is no fun. Between that and hearing the N-word at my job (teacher) every other second, is no fun either.

It's been a long week my friends. Been a long week.

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honeykbee said...

Hang in there bb2, the weekend she is a comin'! And please for the sake of all things holy, slam those fizzies! Just keep pounding them until the Emergen-C drips from your pores. This cold that's going around is not for bears!

Btw, that Omar Cruz, his comments SLAY me!

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