Monday, April 30, 2007

as April winds down, we're talkin' Sports

With everyone probably still talking about the draft around the watercooler on this Monday morning, I thought I'd go the other way and celebrate the end of April by writing about Baseball.
It might be early in the season for baseball to make a difference, it's still early to think about all the possibilities of your favorite NFL team because with trades and how things go over the summer, it's an overload.
Also the NBA finals don't interest me until the finals, and while I'm all for the Lakers, the Heat look fantastic as usual though you gotta love the Bulls. That's all I know. Good night to that topic.

Next: Baseball
I can't stand watching the Nationals and yet I'm getting set to purchase season tickets with my father. Why? He spoke about the getting tickets now, would help with having better seats in the new stadium.

He's thinking about taking business clients and making it an investment, I'm thinking about how the Nationals are piles of doody this year but I remain hopeful that they'll take over the League within the next few years.

Love my Red Sox and really happy to see Manny warming up (starting with getting to .200 finally, against the Oreles last week) finally. Another win!

Love seeing the Yanks continue to slide down through April, while still being entertained with A.Rod earning his paycheck. Except hitting into a triple play today (written last night) as the Sox take the series at New York.

The Orilies continue to look like a professional farm team that should be put out to pasture.

Of course, everyone's heart goes out to the family of Josh Hancock , number 32 for the 2006 World Series Champion Cardinals. A one time Philly, Red and Red Sox, along with the Cards was only 29.

Ok. Off to work, then therapist, then eat, then train (swim).

Enjoy the wonderful warm day!!


honeykbee said...

Awesome photo!

SEe? There's a silver lining AND gold at the end of the rainbow...

Carrie M said...

is that over Rio? That's awesome.

I'm going to be at Fenway tomorrow night, actually.

KMAX said...

C'mon now cut my birds some slack! They don't have the money to throw some $60 mill to Japan to talk to their stars. We just try and build them from scratch and a bit of raw talent (aka height), see Cabrera.

DaGince said... this has nothing to do with your post which i didn't read. however I wanted to tell someone, We are 1 step closer!!!

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