Friday, April 20, 2007

Please Pardon the Interruption

.....I know I have a huge story to share and you should see this thing in my word file: The Saga

It continued tonight as I took my Kinesiology test and please pray or whatever the hell you do, for me so that maybe my life can take a different turn with a teaching certification as every school I substitute teach in, is itching for ME! It's actually flattering as I tell them my background as a Personal Trainer for 6 years, Red Cross Instructor for 4, a 3 year vet of Substitute Teaching, about to have my second Bachelor's degree and Teaching certification.

Not to mention, I'm 31 and a male teacher, whose voice can boom louder than a bullhorn in the classroom. (I do love scaring the kids into submission) It comes in handy when breaking up fights like I did today in a middle school. (Soon, I'll start telling you where I work and my name and everything because I don't give a fuck if somebody comes and kills me. I'm not that important where someone would actually waste the time to do anything knowing my name. Nobody's gonna stalk me. So FUCK YOU!)

Anyway, Pardon the Interruption my friends as it's 4/20

Yea yea about the teaching, etc. Grab your bong and toke up that spliff. Think I'm not going to work baked?
Well I'm not you assholes. What kinda retard do you think I am? (don't answer that)

I've been there and done that.

I can wait til after my afternoon client to hit my double bubbler! Have I shown it to you? If not, Here's my introduction to: Matt

Yes, I named him. I don't name computers or my balls but I named my dope smoker. And I named him after one of my best buds (pardon the pun) in NYC. I got it with him and his wife, who I love! They are both two of the most beautiful people (inside and out) that I've ever known and if you ever get the chance to be friends with them, grab them with your whole body and give em a squeeze.

Love you guys. Thanks for the phone call.


Go down to the Mall and show the Prez what needs to be legal. Ya don't see people shooting each other in the streets of Amsterdam.

**Wear your Maroon and Orange** and Happy 4/20!!!

Celebrate being alive and Free and for you DC Bloggers that are all up in arms about Happy Hour Mama Drama Bullshit, ....shut the fuck up and smoke this thang!!! ;)


honeykbee said...

Whoops. How embarrassing, I've been calling him "Dave" all this time.

Natalie said...

wow - Matt kind of looks like Jake!

Scott said...

So you know Matt inside and out...that's hot ;-)

As for the blue-man matt here..he kind of reminds me of some anatomical part with the little blue vessels and all. Like the unidentified deer guts that were stuck in my windshield many a year back after my friend, whom I was following, ran over the carcass and spewed them at my car. I spent a few minutes staring at it thinking "What the hell is that???"

The View From Dupont said...

You know? I think you've officially but the blogger "Happy Hour Mama Drama Bullshit" better than anyone else as of yet. *gives you a cookie*

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