Monday, April 23, 2007

Freedom gets an Asterisk

Such is the ends Freedom in America with this whole abortion stuff. Real technical speaking huh?

Well as you know I'm not really Political but between VT, my crap with CUC, and just finishing 'Jesus Camp".....I'm afraid of how society has completely fucked itself and continues to do so, due to blindness.

One step forward, two steps back:

The first steps towards gay marriage being legal, two steps back with the basics of 'freedom' including making choices that only involve you.

**So happy the Red Sox could sweep at home against the Yanks
**Free Cinemax = Free Wedding Crashers this weekend
***Excellent weather involving skating, a bonfire and walking

**I took a break from my worries and woes this weekend and didn't work on the long story**


The View From Dupont said...

another break from the worries and woes at your service - your five questions are posted, sorry it took so long! Check them here.

haveyouseenlucky said...

Is it free Cinemax week everywhere?! That means free non-internet based porn right?

NoodleP said...


NoodleP said...

B - it was awesome to hang with you & k & lyn this weekend! Looking forward to doing it again this weekend

honeykbee said...

Whew. I was afraid for a second there that the dude in the labcoat (see link) was going to flash us.

A-rods 4th therapist said...

Holla cause I'm in baltimore tomorrow night.


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