Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednes-Day and Thrusday-Links

I'm tired and I can't think of a catchy title. Entertainment comes differently from me I guess. I don't have fancy words and this certainly isn't the prettiest of templates anymore (love ya S, but I'm just done with it) but I'm all for entertainment.
Let today's bitching begin.

If you wanna know about the Jake fiasco that was my Wednesday:

- it involved freezing asses
- having women blow out each ear seperately but at the same time
- Getting frustrated without feeling anger
- Getting angry without feeling frustrated
- taking my first b/w photos for fire hydrant calender
- oh yea, mcps closing schools where a two-hour delay would have sufficed and given me work for the day

- I'm sure I'll be forgetting a few things here and there.

- was reminded why personal security and safety is not guaranteed
- LOST didn't blow ass
- first meal cooked in condo kitchen
-lots of Scrabble won and lost.
learning how to play without being overly competitive. Keep my aggression in check. Jet Li and I share the split between docile and attack dog. (Yes, I'm aware I'm a pussy fighter compared.

- crazy to know I don't have work tomorrow
usually I would be psyched by this, but I had off today and I'm not special enough to make loot on my days off without craigslist or some other bullshit.

No matter. For those that are stuck leaning on plastic for pay, I have a few more fun links.
More fun links:

- i still have fucking retarded batman in my head
- it's like the cook from the muppets put to batman
- and sped up

- If you have watched Unleashed, then you know this Jet Li should stay in movies as long as he is able to fight over and over and over and over....Hell, this kid could walk up to God and get odds.

-turn your sound on for this one. Quite cute, though I think it might be illegal.

- For more on Jake, go to HKB page

Off to my clients and then sushi. woo!!!

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Haveyouseenlucky said...

You know where that retarded batman thing came from right? The original is kind of more mind melting;

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