Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dr. Kitty, 90210

Jake is one in a billion...

...and yet, the same as every other animal in the world = He hates taking his medicine.
He had his teeth cleaned yesterday, which is a story in-and-of-itself and made it through with flying colors! One color being the hideous orange that resembles an radioactive fruit. Ya see what I'm sayin'?

So as my partner in crime has 100 things going on at work and here I am with no work and only one thing to do, but it's going 100 miles an hour!

This is only after getting him into first gear = lure him from underneath the bed, the only dark place in the whole condo during the day and one of a few places where Jake realizes that it's not easy to get to.

So he's out. The cat nip is out. The meat sauce is out. His food is out. The medicine is out.
The stage is set.
Well, he could give a shit what I have in mind
....and this is a cat that is basically my puppy: happily bouncing with each step as he follows me around.

Not today. Today, he has his game face on.

Forget 'matrix'ing up to the counter as he likes to do or hiding under the blanket,
he hurled himself into the air and scratched his way to on-top of the cabinets. I'd have to say that's a good 4 feet straight up with only flat surfaces to paw at. The wall and cabinets don't exactly give good traction, but it doesn't stop this son of gun.

He might be labeled "geriatric" by the people at Negala Hospital. I'll give them the plug as I thought they did ok by coming through with not killing lil 'kers, even if they blew it when coming to following the simplest of not performing an extra procedures without asking.

Anyway, like I said in the previous post, if you want the story on why the kitty hospital sucks, please check out honeykbee.

So Jakie is running about as if I have the weapon that will finally do him in. by playing goalie and snatching him, I grab the orange plunger and lay my body on him. In an attempt to pry his mouth open, I put my thumb and forefinger on either side of his mouth.

Gingivitis my ass. He clenched his jaw and did his best Stevie wonder when I did get it open.

and 27 minutes later, he won and I retreated back to the couch.

It proved to be a three-handed job so he lost tonight. 2 outta 3 ain't bad ;)

Good luck in the morning.

We're coming for you!


MAD MAC said...

Get a Labrador they eat anything!!!

honeykbee said...

Appreciate the effort, bb2, but I couldnt dose him this morning either. Always an adventure. Maybe if he sees you eating it...?

really cute countertop photo by the way, simply beautiful! The cat's not bad lookin' either!

Ashburnite said...

I have a hard time giving mine meds too. I've found it's easiest if you wrap him in a towel or blanket- that way he can't really squirm around and can't use his claws.

haveyouseenlucky said...

Reminds me of trying to give my cat a fleabath. He just kept climbing the shower curtain...

Put one of those big goofy cone collars on him. It might not help much, but he will look a lot funnier. ("You find the fun and 'snap' the job's a game.")

honeykbee said...

Boy that couch really is nasty when blown up beyond thumbnail size. *skeeved*

Jurgen Nation said...

Oh, I love this. My dog Jurgen will eat a steroid or a vitamin out of my hand but when it comes to antibiotics, he's not fooled with cheese, peanut butter, anything. He hates them. And yet he'll actually sit down without me having to tell him and wait patiently for his shot. The hell?

And he's a Golden. Goldens usually eat anything. >:(

(Haven't commented here before, I don't think...Stacy via Indie Bloggers)

DaGince said...

Might take a while but squirt a bit on his nose, he will instinctively lick it off, and cats don't have a gag reflex so if you get it past his tongue he'll swallow.

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