Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Previously on 'Feel Good Production' *UPDATED*

So I've been up thinking and resting my left paw, but I've also screwed myself in terms of sleep.
**Update** The wrist is my left. Now I know what you're thinkin' and it ain't that. I think it's a matter of the DS Lite Madden 07 game given the ds musta been made for midget hands, and the number of imact hits both wrists take during racquetball as I throw myself with reckless abandonment around the court (oh, but I win ;)**

If I go to bed now then I'll be late for work. Given my job is to hand out a few papers, tell my students what work they still owe and pop in a video, I think coffee will have to be my best friend.
**Update** My duties were switched last minute (literally I walked in and found totally different lesson plans) and it was off to the computer lab which woulda been fine, but with my wrist hurting and the amount of bullshit I had to carry up 3 flights (yea yea, I'm a PT but still...injured), it was a burden, but I made it. woo! coffee time**

Now, I'll go out soon and get some from the Chevron, but I prefer McDonald's Premium Blend.
Yea, the guy who hates McDonald's and is an advocate for showing SuperSize Me to every person in the world.

Lemme see about going to get grab some java and then I can get down to business of my craziness. At least I'll get to ramble a while.

While I'm gone, I have an assignment for anyone that passes by: Please tell me if the blog loads too slowly
-Out 2:19am-
-In 2:39am- Pretty quick if ya ask me.

Mr. Me-no-speaka-your-English (and don't even start, Michael Richards) sold me plain black coffee in a white plastic container, top included! Got me a lighter for K, big spender.

At any rate, I'm working on an Itunes playlist for Thanksgiving. Not sure where I'll be.

Usually it's a no-brainer and I'd be excited at the thought of the 3+ lb. lobster awaiting our arrival in Wherever, Mass. It's actually quite a nice place but don't tell anybody I said that ;)

So I've run into these ...problems. "Is the Doctor in? I'm taking your thoughts" as I run this shit through my head every minute of everyday.
Problem 1: I'm in no emotional state to deal with a lot of bullshit, but that's whatever and it isn't gonna be solved today. (a situation I'm not ready to face, at least publically so don't even ask. I'll get to it)

Problem 2 is my Main situation - My father is very sick. How sick.....well, my father was consulted by a doctor that said "I've heard of you from when you were here 15 years ago."
Trust me; when you go to the hosptial, you want to be forgotten.

(photo taken from Dad's room. Well, at least the old one. Lord knows where they took him)

I won't exploit my father's condition past saying, it's a miracle he lived 15 years ago so each time he needs to be near the hospital, I kinda freak out. explaining why I'm up at 3:28am.

**Update** Dad feels better with 2 pints of blood pumped in him during the night and 2 more going in a few minutes today. Worst case scenerio, they take a kidney. I'm gonna Really freak out if they do that, so let's just pray for the best, ok Agnostics?**

So I've had many random thoughts while talkin' to deatoni and just listening to tunes:
- "Man, I have Way too many songs with Way too many meanings"

- Picture of my crotch cover only by a starbucks cup. Art, obscene, statement, not that original- RHCPeppers.....Well, maybe Nekked Thursday will get a bit of excitement after all!!

- This mix might take me a lifetime, given it was due in May. Box Set is being made.

- If anyone likes the my pictures, they can buy a calender.....Coming Soon, selfless promotion!

- 4am and I haven't accomplished half the shit I wanted to write about. I need one of those programs = speak-to-type, cause my thoughts are faster than my hands.

Getting back.... my dad, the upcoming Thanksgiving. I think I've decided that if my father goes back in for a second surgery, I'll stay. If not, I'll go. I'm gonna go ahead and predict a 'close to game time' decision but lets see how papa bear does Tuesday. (side note: switch to pure crack as coffee barely does the trick. then again this is hour 23:30 straight.)

So ok.
we've cover the topic of my father. Yes, I could go off rambling about him for a long while, but like I said, my brain won't wait up for my hands to do their thing. Christ, almost hit a coma right there.
Outta cigarettes. Shit.
It's way too cold to go to the car but dag gone. One coffee lasted 2 hours maybe? This could be a hellava day.

5:16am - Well, I won a 3 outta 4 fantasy football leagues. I couldn't blow more dicks in this Blogball 2006.

Oh yea. and my final thought before I take another shower to warm up: I won't be changing the template on here for a final project. I'll tell y'all when the newer one is done and what it's called.

It's gonna be a lot more organized. I really need you to tell me how fast or slowly this loads for you....in relation to everything else. I mean, if you're on dial-up, I can't see this blog not hanging up but for the rest of ya, gimme a holla.


Your friend,

Fire Marshall Bill

P.S. - You prolly missed the past two entries if interested.


honeykbee said...

Dear FMB,

What lovely blue eyes you have! And, what is that, dare I say.. .a smile?!

Hang in there, baby.

DaGince said...

Load time on a 5 meg line. 2 seconds.

Barzelay said...

Load time on Earthlink cable in Tampa, FL is 9.812s for the frontpage. Pretty long, but it wouldn't matter if your content loaded first. The reason is that all the crap on the sidebars takes as while to load before the content ever gets started. You could get it to load the other way around and then it would be fine. I don't know how your code is written, but if you "float" the sidebars, they should load after the center content. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I apologize.

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