Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Learning to Fly

But I ain't got wings.
Coming down,
Is the hardest thing.

Well, my hands have told me to come down. Or at least Calm down.

Carpal Tunnel is on the brink, so I'm going to take off til Monday. Luckily, I'll be away for three of em.

Well kids, have a great Holiday. Feel free to comment and send the love....or F yourself.

My fingers are killin' me so I'll talk to ya monday. I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to tell. I mean, I'm going to Mass. with all of K's family!

I just have to write things....on paper! The Horror! lol


honeykbee said...

As if a pen is going to be any gentler on your wrist? Don't abandon your blog! Abandon your DS lite ;)

Scott said...

::hand massage:: seriously..try a manicure..the massage and hot wax treatment could do wonders. ::hugs::

Joel said...

happy thanksgiving, boss..

honeykbee said...

we have a parafin dunker somewhere in that bathroom closet... excellent idea, pumpkin pie!

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