Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From Fox 5 to shopping to Vinny returning!!

Fox 5 is just fucking excellent.

It's complete crap as newscasters but it's entertaining as all hell.
Why, you ask?

---From reporting outdated info. to who-the-fuck-cares info.
---Poor gay Will gets sent out rain, snow and hail to cover 'news'
They did tell me a few things I wouldn't have gotten on MSNBC.com though:
---Brunswick, Md is supposedly getting rid of the city police force all together.
---In Baltimore, some parking meters will pay the homeless.

Check this site out for next Friday----Black Friday. That's right, even I've started to think about shopping and all that shit.


New online Baseball anyone? Please lemme know. --click here--

Vote Now for your GAME OF THE WEEK-------high school

Anyway, Jason continues to get ready for Tampa Bay. Good luck buddy.
Anything under 6 sacks is a win.


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honeykbee said...

Yeah! Mr. T is back! Hooray!!

I love the photo =)

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