Monday, November 13, 2006

BRUNELL BENCHED, Portis Out, Future Begins!!

Accuracy-none, Mobility-none, Leadership-none, Starting job-Done!

That's right sports fans, the Best News Ever when speaking of the Skins in the 2006-07 campaign for a .500 record has finally hit the papers! Jason Campbell, the star college quarterback waiting for his chance; the athlete who has seen close to 10 minutes of actual NFL playing time; a guy the Redskins went out and traded draft choices around to get, FINALLY gets to start for The Washington Redskins!

I couldn't be more happy. It's not that I hate Mark, but I think his time was over before he ever signed with the Skins. His knees musta been on heavy steriods for him to be able to stand, cause the days of him being a mobile quarterback ended with his contract with Jacksonville.

I've gotta believe the loss to Philly this past weekend played only a minor part in the change, as who the hell thought we truly were gonna beat them? I'd like to think they've been prepping this guy over the past few weeks, making him ready for the change.

Sadly, knowing the Skins, they came up with the idea after they blew ass once again and Snyder had a sit-down with Gibbs to discuss the end of the season as they knew it.

With Portis out again, can Jason Campbell be the future for the Washington Redskins?


honeykbee said...

What are the options?

Needtsza said...

yes. no.

Miss Scarlet said...

17 is my favorite/lucky number!

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