Friday, October 27, 2006

When Irony hits Reality

So la te da, I'm driving around in the rain with all the douchebag drivers that I've determined are out to kill us all. I mean, I saw people doing things I wouldn't do on dry land and they're making these moves in the fresh drizzled oil spots.

At any rate, after a couple of errands I get to go home! Woo, as it's 4 and I've been off since 2:20, and I don't wanna hear it because most of you don't deal with the winey bitches that comprise 90% of all the high school kids I am priviledged to instruct.

So I see this truck in front of me and lucky for me, we're stopped at a light. I dig for the trusty camera but now everybody is getting on their way. "Fuck it" and I start snapping photos in hopes of getting the link between my driving with retards (which I realize I've become, given I'm driving and taking photos) and my school week.

The past two days, the students and I have been watching SuperSize Me, so when I saw the license plate above, it was obvious what I had to do: drive like an asshole. Btw, the car is fine. Well, as fine as it was. For the second time in it's life, I put the 89 gas in. Poor lil'maxima. She hates the crappy stuff, but puts up with it for me and my broke ass.

Did I tell y'all about how I lost my wallet? Yea. So I went to the DMV this week and wanted to take pictures there, but I figured I'd be strip searched so the artistic side took a backseat;) to the part of me that didn't feel like being arrested. I got my bank cards back and am only short on the wallet. Which I must appologize to one of my readers about.

DWB and Boo, sorry guys. You got me a wonderful gift and here I went and lost it. It was totally cool of y'all to schleep it back from overseas and through the 'random' search at the airport, just to bring me a gift and boom: Gone. Anyways, .....sorry.

Back my life---->Supersize me. yea. I got to watch the movie split over two days, four times. No wonder I just bought a ton of veggies at the store for dinner (along with steak. Aw yea!). These two days were so much better than earlier in the week even if there was a minor scene of vomit. The cool part was that they were able to take out the curse words. And it almost came off as normal except in one scene he says "shit" but there is no sound.

So between the message of the movie, a girl who asked me to make the class work harder (in the fitness class I teach) and this asswipe of a student who irritated me to the point of having to call her sister (who will whip dat azz), I was ready for fourth period....and so was most of the class.

I had em grab weights, a step, a jumprope and a mat and boom; we were off. 45 minutes of non-stop work! and I mean, non-stop. Whenever I couldn't think of anything, we were doing variations of crunches I forgot I even knew about. The compression Under Armour came in handy today, as I got my sweat on!

Speaking of, racquetball today should be pretty sweet given I actually got a full lunch = I found myself a Subway that's across the street from the school. SWWEEEET!! Grilled chicken breast on honey oat with lettuce, tomato, green pepper and cucumber. "No, I don't want cheese. No, I don't want some kinda dressing on my sandwich. I like my food clean" to which she repeated the word clean. (twas quite funny to me)

Anyway, long week. Rainy day, hence the babbling. Good to get some of it out.

Off to eat something, as I'm losing weight =(


honeykbee said...

Yum, greenbeans, yum! That was a fun post.

Miss Scarlet said...

Mmmm, now I want fries;)

Junie said...

Really? You lost it? *sob sob*... so sad. We saved that for you... anyway, will get you the backup next time we see you, prob thanksgiving.

Knowing you, we have an extra, just in case. :)

dwb said...

i can't believe you lost that wallet after i carried it back all the way from singapore after looking for the perfect gift for you for days and days and days. sigh....

well, at least we know there wasn't that much money in it :p

btw, you get his new address yet?

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