Friday, October 27, 2006

We painted tonight....I'm Nekked!!

The painting above is me Nekked. Well, in a matter of speaking. This was my first attempt at painting in a long while and I am leaving myself nekked to the world to judge my work.

Personally, I like my boats, the fence and some parts of the water. Yes, it needs works to be in the range of the original but then again, this isn't my type of art.

I love painting as an artistic medium, but certainly not my type of shit.

Now BELOW is one of my finer pieces.
Do you agree? I love feedback!

**Yes, I took the picture. No, you may not steal it**


honeykbee said...

I have a seriously debilitating case of fence envy.

DaGince said...

What is wrong with you? LMAO!

Joel said...

didn't know you painted, man. cool. i really dig the minor suggestion..maybe zoom in a little more on the screw?

Dara said...

I love the picture of the screw.

Miss Scarlet said...

I had no idea. Awesome!

E :) said...

Those paintings and the photo are great! You are quite the artiste!

CreoleInDC said...

I'm officially in AWE of you! FABULOUS!!

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