Saturday, September 09, 2006

WVU Shock and Awe-some!

Let's Go........Mountaineers!!!
"I think we played everybody who ever suited up in a Mountaineer uniform," said West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez, laughing. "Seriously, we probably played 80 guys." - Yahoo writers say.

52-3 was the score of the
WVU vs. Eastern Washington.

Yea, I wondered who these fools were too. Hell, I still wonder.

When our Sophomore RB has 103 yards and 2 tds on 5 carries, I could give a shit who it is.

Social Sports of Bethesda
Meanwhile, today was the opening day of SSB Football. I only had to ref 3 games, so I made my gas money for the week. Getting a tan, paid and laughter isn't a bad reason to get up around 10am on a Saturday.
Luckily, I don't really drink much so a few bowls hits at a friends house after the show was all that happened pre-sleep. Guess that's why I'm still up on a Saturday night. That and the fact that I basically lazied around all day. (Is 'lazied' a word? I don't care, it works)

So what show you ask? Lisa Lampanelli. I have Literally an hour of video of her show. I'll upload it somehow, somewhere and y'all will just LOVE the show.
It really changed my whole attitude last night. (Friday night)

I was extremely tired and cranky from a long day and week. Me without a job and all.
I won't get into it, but suffice to say that school administrators on the college level can be bigger morons that on the public middle school level.

---Shit that came to mind----
1. This should be just a subsection of my blog. Webmaster S, I'm gonna need some template help to maybe split the posts into subsections. Is it possible?

Ok. On to:
Random Thought - And I'm thinking more about Cyndy Violette is mentally where I'd like to be, at least her tv persona.

That thought and my liking two Kelly Clarkson songs has put my sexuality into check. J/k

Why I take pictures: Clarification and Articulation

Name of a blog post in the future- Call, Raise and Fold

Just saw a lavalife commerical. They're just blatent about being a site to randomly hookup. No attempts at trying to jumpstart your love life or you meeting the person of your dreams, just a place to fuck. I mean, in reality that's what they're looking for.

I don't care. And I'm not judging the site or it's purpose or the people that go on there. I'm actually happy that the commerical is so upfront about wtf it's about., eHarmmony, Lavalife....same shit, different box. Say what you will, hate me if you must, disagree all you want, but fuck all that. Online dating is horsecrap in the odds.
You think you're increasing the likelihood of becoming 'the one' for each other based on hair color and that you both like to drink?
Hey, if you do, good luck and may the force be with you. From this outsider's view, Fuck em All.

**Let that be dedicated to certain bloggers I read and the hard times they have found themselves in because of online dating**

btw, I'm up at 4am because I'm playing this stupid poker freeroll that takes forever and I've only placed in twice. . . . . ever just feel like a total loser? depressing.

oh and what sucks worse, the bedroom is so f'n hot all the time without the air, even though it's beautiful out and i'm chilly with doors open in the living room (at night). Blocking the windows has advantages and disadvantages.
And no, I don't want to move the bed.

I think my chi is off. Some kinda bullshit haze has taken over for almost a year now.
I'd blame school and the bullshit that surrounds it, but it's up to me as an individual to take situations and deal with them in such a way that I don't see it as such overbearing crap-o-la.
"Shrug it off" as a friend would say.

eH. I'll learn one of these days.

Til then...Go Fuckyourself San Deigo


Scott said...

Nah, I think the fact that you like dick puts your sexuality into question . ;-)


Actually, I think there are more gay things about you:

- Your love of small yippy dogs
- Your fascination with f'ing the a'
- Your relationship with K... (Sorry K, but you said it yourself that every guy you like is gay!)
- You love of dancing around naked with your penis pushed back between your legs singing "Vogue."

Just kidding again about the last one...I hope ;-)


dwb said...

you didn't mention ditching my sister at the mall without her glasses.

Eastern Michigan....what a powerhouse!

(btw, thanks for Thurs. Willi parker had a huge game!)

Joel said...

dude, you like Kelly Clarkson? man, you ARE gay.

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