Friday, September 08, 2006

Steelers HHG2tG

I had a few post ideas; and they'll come around, but for now I must say...Good night sweetheart, good night!

Lemme start off by saying that Heath Miller is a stud. The Refs missed the call and saved me a night of tragedy where fantasy football is concerned. Daunte daunted horrible luck upon the Dolphins by not being able to get those legs-a-movin'. Anyway, day one went well.

So I had these great blog ideas and then I watched Hitchhiker's Guide the the Galaxy and found a few cool links (if you think HHGttG is cool). There is the abridged version and then great lines
"So long and thanks for all the fish" song to download here. One of my favorite songs now. We'll get to my new musical tastes soon enough though.

The best part of this whole movie is that it allows me to understand my sister so well. I love her and don't really tell her much. I mean, it seems to wish to burst through my infinite so she understands in ....NOW!

and then Conan O'Brein came on and by jumping from my hand where I wrote a note not to forget it and onto the screen Ben Harper is gonna play.
Jesus. Just caught the last second of Jessica Simpson. F! This might be a different one.......
Oh ok. That ends and Kiefer Sutherland joins Harper on Conan. And like that, TIVO gets to take over.
We get to see him on Sunday.
Tonight is
SO a few ideas and random thoughts:

Why Annonymous Sucks and I think you're a fuckin' pussy
(Not to be confused with "Why People are f'n retarded")


In poker you're allowed to lie, but you're not allowed to tell the truth


I start full on training monday: Triathlons don't win themselves and I took a year off after my accident. Well, a full year is in Oct, but close enough. I need to get myself signed up for a few short runs and maybe one tri before winter sets in.

Then it's only run run run on icey roads of winter. Shit, it's what I did two years ago. Run hills in the snow. You know, the whole Rocky thing. lol, but it does work.

Anyway, Along with changing my diet (which has been going on for weeks, slowly), I'm gonna increase my caloric output by hittin' the gym more seriously. I'll be eating too, but just more clean.
I'll be a lean machine one of these days again.
F the number 30.
Shits only in your mind and since our minds control our bodies, ya just gotta keep your head in check.

Speaking of, I'm gonna go back and read this book about meditation I read a few times. It's called "the Relaxation Response" and it really works if you work it.
Trust me, I need it.
With my emotions still flying from the daily annoyances and stressors on-top of the anxiety of waiting on test results and paper work, Xanax truly must be a friend.

At least I get to play poker next Saturday again. We'll see who actually shows, but should be cool. Of course, a lot to get to before we get there.
Ok. Enough rambling....
Where are my Mountaineers this weekend?


You don't have to believe everything you think - Bumper Sticker


Life is in slow motion, but all sped up


Don't resign yourself to life


I'll take luck over skill any day


"I'd rather be happy than right any day" " and are you?" " " - HHG2tG

Bed now. Pictures tommorrow. Pictures by link so wake up!


Joel said...

morgantown's got some hotties fo sho.

NoodleP said...

I got a hill you can run.... depending on how you tackle it, it can be really steep or not so steep. Either way it is good for the buttocks. Yeah that is why I have not run them....

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