Thursday, September 14, 2006

WVU = Crush Maryland

Twas the night before today and nothing was a stirring.....

Except The Mountaineers!!! Trampling UMD Footballers, if you wanna call them that.

Lets go to the videotape (Remember those Warner Wolf days)

5 minutes in: 14-0 WVU!!!!

F You Maryland!

I can't keep up...1 minute left in first half.....28-0!

Let's see.......38-10 and another interception by this Mountaineer defense.

Whoops...QB fumble and turnover. Seems the 'eers are having fumble problems. We've gotten away with it til now......

Ok, so you give em a score..ppfftt We just came back and scored in about two seconds.

4 minutes left in 3rd quarter, 45-17


and I think we were just being generous at the end.

Good night Maryland losers! Time to burn baby burn!!!

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Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Nebraska has to play USC this Saturday (8pm on ABC). I am afraid we are going to get our asses handed to us. :(

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