Wednesday, September 20, 2006


First, feel better K

As I'm about to leave for an interview at a High School for a long-term sub job, I'm trying to chill a bit post-shower. In my circle around the blog-community, I found one that hit me just right: Circle V

Why this site? She wrote about poker. Well, more over she put up a link to a poker site that I think is pretty nifty. I haven't given a Ton of time to it, as I have other things to do like re-read the health curriculum for Montgomery County or feed the cat or finish dressing (8 minute shower. A new record, some would say) ....But check out her site for more details before hitting This Site. It ...well, V goes over it.

See ya'll post-interview. (Kitty is running around. It must be getting close to winter)

Oh yea, and I'll be calling about my scores again today. Who wants to bet they aren't in still?


Dara said...

Good luck!

Needtsza said...

Thanks. I got it!!! 8 weeks of a job. hey, that's something =)

Miss Scarlet said...


I have 5 weeks lef

Scott said...

::passes out::

::wakes up out of fear of what you might do to an unconscious scottie::

congrats on the job! how much sex did you have to offer them?

Chief Musical Ninja Monkie said...


V said...

Congrats and def check out that site when you have more time, it's pretty fly :)

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