Thursday, September 21, 2006

Joel? Matt? Eh. I can't make a joke funny

Ya know, I haven't found a way to write my jokes so they read with the inflection they need. Articulation, while I think of myself as masterful of, I am coming to accepting that I just might not always make myself clear.

I mean the words aren't retarded, they just don't come out in an order which you would get what I'm saying. I need the inflection and body movements.



Like the title says _______ and I'm done typing now.

**and No, I Wasn't stoned when I posted this** but you'd think so with my random thoughts that came to me.

---This is a post from like weeks ago.


Joel said...

that's ridiculous.

Scott said...

seriously, that guy needs a haircut and a tweeze...he looks like something the cat coughed up.

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