Wednesday, September 06, 2006

REDSKINS / VIKINGS with Parking Pass - 4 Sale

Section 138

Row 5

(2)Two Seats next to each other

Redskins Side

Unobstructed view

Write me for more info.

I have already been offered $325.00 for them, so I'm looking for a little bit more.

Oh yea. Green Parking Pass. (Rare to find parking passes these days)


Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

Why buy tickets when you have people who will give them away for free?

Ok, so that doesn't happen hardly ever. But am I paying for my tickets? No. Good lukc with the sell dude, home opener?...Should have no trouble.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry dude, but i find this nauseating. $325 isn't enough for you for 2 fucking tickets to a redskins game?

honeykbee said...

While I'm always one to enjoy a good burn, I find anonymous ones to be downright cowardly.

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