Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Congrats "Best Cheap Eats" California Tortilla

Thank you for feeding me delilious burritos of Spinach and Chicken Caesar

I'll see you again on September 20th for animal noise day! I'll tell my friends about it more as that day approaches.

Speaking of food, I'm making changes in my food choices. As I've stated previously, Sushi has become quite the staple, but there is that pesky Mercury thing.

There's always baking the chicken, grilling a juicy steak.
It's all about watching the salt. That's right, the salt!
I think people underestimate the sodium. You've heard it before. Commercials talk about it.
Everyone says "eh. Whatever" Well, you'll figure it out the hard way then.

Anyway, have a good day boys and girls. And don't forget to tip your waitress

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honeykbee said...

Down with salt! That's right, I said it. Say NayCl!

Miss Scarlet said...

I like CA Tortilla (or, Arizona Burrito, as we call it) sometimes, but it's down the row from Barnes and Noble so I get sick of it bc it's all there is.

honeykbee said...

Arizona Burrito! I'm so going to use that !

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