Monday, September 18, 2006

Post #401

I just realized that my mini-rant about how much the Redskins suck, which is still upsetting me this morning, was my 401st post.

only 99 more to go til.......nothing. No awards, no bells and whistles.

Well, Fuck it. I'm happy I've been around a while. Maybe had a few readers give a shit.

Anyway, ttfn.

402 comes later later. Work comes now.. Ah, mondays


NoodleP said...

Hail to the Deadskins... Oops I mean Hail to the Foreskins no no no that's not it, oh yeah.....

Hail to the 0-2, Brunell sucking, offensive breakdown, defensive - wait there was no defense - Redskins

Deatoni said...

Though im not sure if youd be better off with Spurrier's Failure Ramsey. Woohah! LETS GO GIANTS. Look its the NFC least! 12 way tie for first! woo...

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