Monday, September 18, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

**I'll get to the weekend review tomorrow as it's a LLLOONNGGG story. Funny and sad and tiring as hell, but I need to get some bitching off my chest.

I must be a gluten for punishment.

A Red Sox fan and a Redskins fan. What the fuck am I thinking?!

In the wake of the Skins/Dallas game, I'm left utterly depressed.

Seriously, I just finished watching the end of last week's Weeds episode, where people are running around flushing pot plants (I like to see dope, even if flushed) and that doesn't bring a smile to my face.

It's utterly pitiful the way Mark Brunnell go sacked somewhere between 8 and 100 times tonight. The fucking nose tackle (the 'center' of the defense) even got a sack. THE FUCK IS THAT!? There are 4 to 5 guys surrounding the QB and the nose tackle walks right in and blows him the fuck up.

It wasn't sad enough to see the 36 year old (birthday way today) running, more like hobbling for his dear life from defensive ends that went in untouched, but the lack of a running game has left this team with no options.

We might have a sweet ass receiver corp, but if you can't get the fucking ball to any of em, who cares? Santana Moss. Great fantasy pick right? Wrong. He got the ball maybe 3 times tonight? One of the times it was because Dallas was playing prevent from the stands!

Of course this happens after a shitty day. One that was beautiful on the outside, as the weather was fantastic! but crappy on the inside, as outside human-beings were their normal selves and fucked life up.

Like I said, it's a Long story. Get into it tomorrow. I'm gonna go end this shit-ball day.

Feel better booboo and sleep well anyway who reads this.

Oh yea, and about the Red Sox....They swept the New York!!!

Now only 9 1/2 games back.....: sssiiigghh :


honeykbee said...

I, too, must be a gluten for punishment.

dwb said...

the nose tackle clearly did not go right in on that play. he had to go around his own defensive end first...

("sure, i'll keep an eye on it for you while you're gone")

Anonymous said...

1) Red Sox won the world series 2 years ago. FUCK YOU

2) Why are you a sox fan and a redskins fan? That makes zero sense. I'm sure you have some reason, don't really need to hear it. It's just stupid.

honeykbee said...

Yeah! Thats just STUPID!


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