Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's Over. It's Finally Over!

The Praxis II has come and gone; let's hope for the last time. While I'm signed up for the September test, I'd like to think that I did fine.

While it was like 104 degrees in the second story South Shore High School classroom, at 8 o'clock in the morning it was test time 2 full hours without air, a fan or even the door open. Thank god I brought a sweatshirt! 120 minutes and 3 pounds of water lighter, the first part ended.

Continuing to run late, the second part started over 30 minutes later.

Long restful afternoon and into the city for late supper with Ly/SC. A fun dinner. We got to chat and laugh. Ly shared her shebert as we shared horror stories about school. Then SC and I shot some video game shit followed by guitar playing. Including a duet of Tom Petty's Learning to Fly. While I haven't yet learned the Highway Companion album, I was told of it's arrival at our place.
My car with new rear breaks and new from cv joints will be psyched to listen to have it play. Gotta remember to clean the inside. Just an aside for me.

Taking the luetient's advice, I jump in a cab down to the next location.

I love David and June's apartment. The design, hardwood floors, furniture, fixtures, kitchen island and finished deck. Oh and of course the tv, but the angles of it. Everything is just artsy. I love bright and artsy. I'll try to take some pictures. Speaking of, they hung their print from Amsterdam, unlike our stupid apartment.
That internal struggle is a conversation for another day.

Ok. Haven't slept in 21 hours so I hope this made some sense.

Thank you David and June for allowing me to stay at your beautiful apartment and for blowing up the air mattress. I'm comfy as shit. I must say.
This is the kinda of apartment I want. If asked what I want my place to look like.

Hope my anxiety gets under control soon. That's why I got online in the first place. I'm all f'd up and f'd up.

Oh, and I wanna thank Fran and Al for driving me around, feeding me and taking care of me as if I were their own child. They really made me feel at home and treated me with respect. I love them for that. Anyway, ---yawn---

**I know there are spelling errors but the spell check on blogger blows so just eat me**


Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Best of luck with the test. I know you will do well. BTW, if you and K need a place to crash during the turmoil, just say the word. Mi casa es su casa bro.

Miss Scarlet said...

Hey, good job! I need to sign up to take mine=/

honeykbee said...

I can blow up an air mattress for ya anytime, babe ;)

Anonymous said...

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