Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I'll be back on the daily blogging on Wednesday. Til then I'm kinda taking a break. The past few months have taken a lot outta me and tommorrow night I have a fantasy draft.

I'm sure I'll put something up, but not my best.

I'm just exhausted but wanna make sure to appologize for not getting in touch with Matt and Amanda, two of my best friends, while I was in NY. My bad. We'll have a threesome when we get to WVU ;)

Congrats to my friends Kate and Johnny as they are pregnant, again. and will miss WVU this year, again! Love to the whole family there.

Off to watch a movie and hang. Talk to all my loyal readers on Wednesday.

Thanks for hangin' in =) I'll do better for you folks, I promise. I have lots to say.


Ashburnite said...

"we'll have a threesome when we get to WVU"

I thought men preferred 3somes with 2 women, not a man and a woman.

Joel said...

well, needstza has been making an awful lot of dick comments lately, so my guess is, he craves the cock as well....

Anonymous said...

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