Saturday, July 08, 2006

Simplicity for a Friday

A great evening was had.

Dinner with beary at our favorite (Italian) place.

We got to chit-chattin' about a bunch of stuff.

I tried to wake da boo, but she was out cold. She needs her medicine. Doctors orders.
I got to read some about the World Series of Poker and watch Harold and Kumar.
As you can probably tell, I got high for the first time in like 10 days or more. Not to mention, I got rid of two bongs and a bowl this week.
Feels good. One less responsibility and I have my friend anyway. Oh you've never met him.
Hold on, lemme get him.

It felt really good to be out.
How I don't have a job and don't live near all sorts of restuarants, I don't have any idea.

Gotta change the screen on my desktop. You know, the fucking screen? I can't stand douchebags that ask stupid computer questions. Who? Lord knows. I have to rant about something right?
Ok. Rant over. LOL!!

Wait. Sounds like it could be pill time.
False alarm.

On with the regular scheduled bullshit time.
Soon a cigarette then back to work, but not til this movie ends.

Speaking of deadlines, I set my own to be Wednesday. Tuesday does bring on a busy evening, but it's not like the day will be a waste. Either way. Let's not waste this on crap.

Keep talking. Not a bad policy.

Well unless you're thinkin' about doing coke in a jeep near the woods. Right by a lake but not with those stupid paintings with the perfect moon. Get a picture of your own.

Ok, I just had to say to ---: [00:12] needtsza: i'm not fucking silly putty

[00:24] needtsza: yea. i hate work
[00:24] ---: so do we all
[00:24] needtsza: i'm totally burnt on that shit
[00:24] needtsza: teaching isn't work
[00:24] ---: id love to find a job that will pay me a lott to do very very little
[00:24] needtsza: lol
[00:24] needtsza: gym teacher
[00:24] needtsza: get to wear what you want
[00:24] needtsza: given what i have to do, i get paid well
[00:25] needtsza: low stress. i mean, just do what you're supposed to
[00:25] needtsza: easy
[00:25] needtsza: kids? yea they suck but whatever
[00:25] needtsza: paperwork is nill
[00:25] needtsza: i'm not a fucking english teacher
[00:26] needtsza: Not there yet

But I'll be there soon. The promised land.

I've totally forgotten how to relax and have fun.
Could it be the drugs?

Congrats again boois. Time for me to type more school shit.

Oh yea and thanks DC blogs/live for the good lookin' aviator? or whatever

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Chief Ninja Monkie said...

I don't even know how to comment on this post...LOL!

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