Monday, July 10, 2006

Papers, Hospitals, Anniversaries,....

--Picture is from last weekend which I didn't even have time to blog about. Shit, the last two trips to NY I haven't really shared my thoughts and feelings about.
God damn school. Anyway...
So I gotta make this one short and sweet, but whatever.
Feels good to remember what I was in this thing for. For me. To make this blog whatever I want it to be.
I mean, yea. I'm a whore for 'traffic' and want people entertained and blah blah, but nobody writes so I got all consumed and long story short, this shits about me.
So lets go already!!

Dad hasn't been well. Pain in his knee, then back, then hip, then all of it. Steriods, painkillers (but only ones that won't mess with all his other meds for his bloodclotting disease. Yea, that's a whole other thing, that if you know me, you should either ask or know about), muscle relaxers. A trip to Minnesota. Yea, that fuckin' place.

I guess it's not 100 below in July so why not. Plus there was a wedding they (my parents) went to so whatever. He took the pain and made the trip.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom, I get a call this morning around 10 that my father is fine, but was taken by ambulance to Suburban. Yea. Great. This a touch better than the way I was awoken yesterday. Again another long story, but yesterday morning's wake-up actually turned out great.

Back to Dad. He's ok. Pnumunea. On top of everything else, he had a fever of 102.8 degrees at 3am and nurse mommy called in the troops this morning.

Long day. He's ok and admitted. ICU so you can't get to him. Wah!

We did get to spend some quality time, as he was finally slowed down from his 'retirement'. Watched from the 71st minute til the end of the shootout as Italy won. Who didn't call that? I mean, it was made more dramatic than I thought by Zidane.

Before I go on, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we hung out and watched the crappy red-screened, 20 year old Zenith whose screen wouldn't stop spazzing out like it was testing you for a seizure disorder. Quality time.

Past that, had a great weekend with the girl. Just what we needed. A bit of quality time. You can check her blog for more on the Prada movie we saw last night, but needless to say, I learned why she's quitting today! WOO HOO!!! Quit like That's your job!

So I got a billion papers due, but at least I'm not screwed for another 6 months. (Somebody remind me to write about that. Damn, do I have a lot to rant about. No time, oh well) . This is why this is so fast and is like a story I'd tell K. Jumping around and trying to make sense, but prolly just making your eyes glaze over with too much bullshit and not enough detail.
Well, no time to paint pretty pictures or even upload any. I've left my camera home the last few days. But uploaded a bunch more to my Imagestation.

Um.....Today is Joel's bd and Ly's bd. Hopefully I'll have more time later but for now, off to do my paper.

Sorry to jump but whatever. More normal another day. Wish my dad the best, you f'ers ;)

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Thrill Drill

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Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. Glad he is getting better though. Peace!

KassyK said...

Hope things get better with your dad sugar. :-)

honeykbee said...

it's all going to be ok, bear

dwb said...

sorry to hear about larry.

hope final papers etc are going ok.

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