Friday, July 28, 2006

Poison review, but I'm tired ---posted on Aug. 14, 2007

Ok, so this is just a teaser because I said I would post something about the show on Wednesday. But I've been really busy and gonna send out my papers to my professors today, so I can be back to giving my all to the blog.
Well, that and studying for the Praxis II. (Yes, another F'n huddle to jump)

Anyhow, here's a taste of the good stuff:

Opening band. Thank god we missed em....sorta. I think we saw those jackasses on the lawn. You'll see when I get all my pictures up on Imagestation.
Oh yes, there are more pictures than the ones I put up here. Better. More frightening. LOL!! Either way, these loser are such f'n degenerates, they don't even have a website. Listen to me, like I'm all high and mighty cause I have a free blog. At least my hair doesn't suck That bad!
Oh and they fully headbangin' too. I swear the lawn was a better show than what the stage could have ever provided.

So back to it. Friend Shari and I ripped Cinderella a new asshole as the lead singer ripped his voice cords in half and couldn't hit the notes by the end of the set.

That was actually quite funny. I mean, they've been at this so long, even his voice was saying stop.
K gave me a funny look and said, "You realize, this is somebody's favorite band" That was when I went to tears laughing the first of many times.

Just wait. The good stuff will come later. Gotta do work now. Like I said, tons of pictures and funny commentary. I'll get high and tell ya all about it when I get back.


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