Friday, July 28, 2006

Look at me! I actually have something to do tonight!

Poker at me Casa tonight. Hope I don't pass out during it.

Been up all night, but so close to done with all but one paper. Gonna do my last reviewing while taking my dad to Physical Therapy.

He's doing better everybody. Thank you for your continued support.

Also, I know I owe a few blog entries. Still my important one from last week with my therapist, the Tryst Encounter and now Poison from Wednesday.

Can I be the first to say THANK GOD it's FRIDAY!!!!


DaGince said...

The fact that you actually have a screen shot of the alien...50 points awarded.

I-66 said...

Friday could not have come soon enough... Is it time to go home yet?

Joel said...

that would be a sweet photo to blow up and frame on your wall. almost as classy as dogs playing poker..

Miss Scarlet said...

I think I am physically unable to do an all-nighter.

NoodleP said...

B had a great time Friday night - and yes it really was the first time I played poker. Joel - thanks for taking my roll! Win some lose some - but I think I will bone up and take it back next time!

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