Monday, June 19, 2006

Sorry no real blogging has gone on.

Lots of 'things' have been going on.

I'm in NY now and went to a Great BBQ at K's brother's place. (and what a to come later later)

Before that, I have wonderful pictures I meant to blog before the weekend from Sugarloaf Mountain, that I went to last week, but ran outta time.

Finishing up on school shit and have a meeting on Thursday, upon my arrival back with the professor that controls most of my school destiny to complete that shit. Then only have WSI and two independent studies along with my PRaxis 2 to be certified.

Gotta get a job, as my father reminded me on Father's day. Yea. that was great. Can't talk shit back to him on F-day so he just gives me crap and I agreed.

Anyway, more later....hopefully today, but I have lots of work and am meeting an old old friend for drinks down in Red Hook tonight.

Lata kids


Think Simple, Simple Coffee said...

Sorry Needtsza, but we won't be able to send out a bag to anyone that is asking right now. We're int he middle of the startup, and we are ging to try sending some coffee to the guys/gals that posted because they didn't ask for anything, they were just excited about us. Not saying we won't properly thank people, but those first blogs were the ones that helped us alot right away.

Sorry but we have to be a bit tight on sending coffee out for free.

But if you would like to try some, by all means, please visit

honeykbee said...

I'll get you some coffee, honey, don't you worry


Deatoni said...

What the HELL was that all about.

n32 said...

Enjoy your vacation you deserve it.
Was your Dad really serious about you getting a job??? I am thinking that will effect your career as a student.Where the hell are my slippers ????? After all you are visitng the shoe capitol of the USA.

dwb said...

seriously man, get a real job (hee hee). Glad you liked the bbq, next time we make steaks though....

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