Saturday, June 24, 2006

"JTR" - Dave Matthews Band - Hershey, Pa.

Hope you enjoy the video of DMB from about 30 rows back and to the left of the stage
Sorry it's not better quality

What do you think?


honeykbee said...

no way we were 30 rows back. I'd say way closer to 18-20.

DaGince said...
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DaGince said...

Who can keep track of these things?...I mean come on...20 rows, 18 rows, distance is negoitable and totaly dependent on the ammount of substance ingested...30..20..20/20..411..911..
whats the diff?...they will both get you an ambulance..its all a matter of time you REALLY need the ambulance? I mean for REALLY REAL? Thats the true issue here...honeykbee come on, lets give the guy some breathing room...Then again.... if you are giving directions to an operator...distance might be important....Shit B..I tried for ya..

11:11 AM

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