Monday, May 15, 2006

You Think You're So Cool...
Why don't you just...

So I've been thinking, as I do from time to time, about what people wanna read about. What do people wanna know, think about, feel? How can I entertain, inform, show people things of interest?

More over, what the fuck do I have to do to get some responses from people? Some feedback? Some contact?

More and more I think that I need to go boobs. I mean, I'm not that bad of a writer and my content isn't that boring, so it's gotta be that guys can't just write and flirt with the poster on this blog.

This is why I take breaks. Why I say, "I'll post more later." Why I just add shit to the side panel, but don't add content.

I guess the other reason would be is that I'm so god damn busy and tired that thinking about a topic that somebody Might wanna read is just too damn difficult.

Other people sit in their cubes and wanna blow their brains out, so they explode their thoughts into digital space. Me, I'm busy student teaching or in a meeting with little point to them or doing homework or playing online poker. I would say that between poker, reading other people's blogs, pendullumeca, and reading up on sports, I'm a pretty boring person. Maybe that's the main problem. I don't do shit so I've got nothing to say.

I can complain all damn day, but who the hell wants to read about that shit? I mean, we all have problems (or so I'm told;) and mine aren't worse than anyone elses and yada yada yada.

That being said, let me start my rant, as this has given me a springboard.

Why is it that when you're pissing and moaning, and all you really wanna hear is "Yea. Fuck that guy!", somebody turns around and says some shit that contridicts your argument and basically reinforces your enemy's argument (Ok, enemy is a bit strong, but you get my point)?!?

These people are usually your friends too! Ain't That some shit? Makes me wonder why I talk to anybody. If these 'friends' don't understand what I'm asking for and/or can't provide me with the comfort I'm looking for, then what the fuck kinda friends are they anyway?

This is why I have almost no friends as it is. I got sick of the bullshit smiles and listening to their mindless chatter for hours on end. This must be how most people think about me, hence nobody reading this.

So for the people that don't give a shit about me, Truly could care less, Have a Nice Life and Thanks for the Fish.

I've thought that about a million people and counting. It's like the line in Fight Club, "

I... I don't know. I guess... when
people think you're dying, they
really listen, instead...

-- Instead of just waiting for their
turn to speak.

Well, for now, I'll leave you all. Per usual, I'll get pictures up soon.

Oh, a new one in the ART BLOG though. Check up top.


honeykbee said...

Omg you're still playing that!?

*cough* 1112 *cough*

Scott said...

hint: if you think your life is boring, and write about how boring it is, don't be surprise if people don't warm to it. Most of our lives are boring, so we go online to find something interesting online. Maybe you could come up with a goal for your blog and see if it is something that you can FOCUS on.

Deatoni said...

Wait wait wait a g-damn minute...

didnt you mention something about boobs?!?!

What happened to going boobs?!! that i can focus on!

maybe you put too much stock, and look for too much validation from reader's comments. shouldnt your blog be a personal expression of your thoughts at the moment?

Scott said...

amen to that!

Scott said...

You could be the Boob-log (aka, the Boo-Blog) ... it could be about boobs or just you (also a boob) heheheheh

Joel said...

or, you could do the Boobear pictures of boobs, ears, and your boobear!! ohhh boobear!!! in all seriousness, i recommend occasional boobs, funny shit you find online, and pop culture shit, with some philosophy mixed in there somewhere...

DaGince said...

Um hey...Listen buddy...there are people that still love you and need you to "make with the blogy"...I dont know who they are..but they are out there some where...I could be one of them...

NoodleP said...

We give a shit about you!

Joel's ides could work - I saw a good bumper sticker the other day - it said "PORN it is cheaper the a hooker."

Ponder that....

It was also on the same car that had another bumper sticker that said " Minivan are physical proof that there is evil in this world."

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