Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good morning, good evening and good night....? *UPDATED*

Nothing much on the new to report, but one more class to go.

Other than being 25 minutes late to work/school because of normal, unexplainable beltway traffic, the day has been wonderfully unexciting. Looking forward to one more class before I head home.

A light day on that front or so I'd like to think. I can only think of laundry, dishes, fixing the blog (it's gotten kinda messy if ya haven't noticed) and WATCHING MY F'n SHOW! I fixed the Tivo last week, so this week, I refuse to miss my show. That 70's show can be on That Tivo.

LTB. Need my CSI.

obviously, I need my BB2. Figure it doesn't really need to be said, but to keep the peace......


Ok, so I made the quiz for my children.

Unlike last year's middle school bastards, these highschoolers haven't done anything to deserve a 72 question, rediculous quiz that I would have probably failed.
They get the question that is the favorite one I've made up yet:

5. Each server shall continue to serve until the referee calls “___________.”

a. Ball out

b. Serve out

c. Seacrest out

d. Side out

(If you don't see the joke, so help me, cause I don't even watch the damn show)

Moving along, I had a run-in with one of my favorite neighbors yet!
I think it was the child from below me. You remember the one; screaming bloody murder all afternoon until nurse mommy came home and cursed him out....that is, before And after coming up to give Me a piece of her mind. (See HERE for highlights)

This dumb bastard screams like a girl. I say that because a girl was standing next to him and when she screamed in my presence, it was a slightly different tone than the one I heard.
The one I heard was of sheer panic. This wasn't the first scream, but it certainly got my attention!
I ran to the door to see what was the matter. I get outside, look down the steps where I see three children. One is a boy I've asked before to, basically, shut the fuck up. This time, I ask if anyone is dying?
Well, this lil'asswipe says Yes.
So I respond in kind with, "Well, I will call the police and get you some medical attention." But he basically says 'no no' and states that inspite of getting "70 degree burns" down his back, from the lit match that was now out (and he threw), he was going to be fine. I inform him that their are fourth degree burns, which are the worst. Picture <--warning. can be kinda gross
Well, somewhere in the middle of this conversation, (I'm tired and can't remember all the details from the incident of 20 minutes ago) he's talking 'smart' to me, so I tell him he's messing with the "Wrong person on the Wrong day!"
Upon finishing our 'conversation', I about to go inside and I glance down at the scene once more.
The kid is staring at me.
"You're gonna gonna give Me a hard stare?" - me
"I wasn't staring." - him
"You still are staring." - me
He looks away in shame.
I go inside so proud of verbally beating up a 13 year old.
Did I mention I'm a teacher?

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