Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The EtC, The KiT(ty), and Me

Howdy folks....or just me, How are we? Well, after a bathroom break and with lunch on the horizon, I guess things could be worse. At least I'm in air conditioning.

Well, let's get to it!

First come the pictures of the entertainment center as it grows from crap to christ (uh oh, the 7-day might be rubbing off......Nayh).

This would be after just a couple or 3 hours. Lots of unwrapping, checking each piece that it's not broken, splintered, etc. You know how those Ikea people love to give you broken crap which of course you have no idea about until you've driven the 40 minutes home and unpacked everything, Which of course doesn't fit back nicely into the air-tight box that weighs so much that a bodybuilder needs to half unpack it before travelling up a flight of steps.

Oh yea. And that's my (our) kitty! The other 'Kers is lurking around someplace but Jake likes to be in the middle of things and sniffle, jump on top of, and be in the lime light at all times of the project building process.
"Look at how high I am Dad!"

Meanwhile, he's a fraidy cat to jump up now that it's completed.

What that's about, I have no idea.

Either way, while the entertainment center is completed, as you can see from the picture, the apartment is not.

"....And the bombs burst in air,....." and floor

Whatever. I'm just happy I was smart enough to tag each and every wire with it's corresponding input/output before taking the set-up apart.

Let me HIGHLY suggest you do the same!

And what goes on with the McTV screen you ask?

As the great Whoever said, "Why buy it when you can Limewire it?" Yes indeed, a monster has grown in our apartment. It only wants to consume Grey's Anatomy and maybe some Rescue Me, time will tell on the second one.

At any rate, I got outta school early today (second day in a row) because the pipes are f'd at the school and so I'm lucky enough to be home at 1:33pm.

Saw mom and picked up money, went to Advanced Auto Parts for some paint, and have to go back out to the post office.
That, along with school work, more blogging and more building (the stereo is next), I have quite a day ahead of me.

Feeewwww....I'm tired just thinking about it. Maybe I'll get some lunch first.

TTFN and how could a McBlog be complete without a picture of McDreamy.

<-----Sweet Hair!

And sent in by one of our listeners:
"Hi. I'm going to kill you! Then play Dungeons and Dragons with me?"


honeykbee said...

Awwww! Look at da little bitty baby McDreamy!! He and I must be the only people in the world who have the same hairstyle that we did in 1983.

Btw, i can't believe you published our disaster area for all the interweb to see! I guess that's one way to ensure lack of guests...

honeykbee said...

Oh and alien aside, that Grey's Anatomy spoof is highly inaccurate. Burke left the towel in the victim, not George. George would never.

Are you even paying attention?! Do we have to go back and watch season one again?!?

Needtsza said...

Yea. Maybe the McPicture is a motivational tool for us to finish this thang so a picture of the warm, loving, noisy McApartment can be posted =)

Needtsza said...

I didn't make the picture. I just post em.
Hit up the chat board for more family fun (and bitching about the picture)

I assume more of season 2 tonight? You've got me hooked, ....Damn it! ;)

honeykbee said...

Eh. I don't know. I think the obsession might have already worn off. It's defintiely wearing off, if nothing else.

That bomb scare episode was so sharky jumpy...

Joel said...

seriously, thanks for this. my fingers were crossed that you would post the furniture-in-progress pics, so we could all get a little "behind the scenes" action of the new EC in all its mid-construction glory....

DaGince said...

Wow..there are sooooo many avenues I could take on this blog posting...But I'm gonna go with the high road and say Congratulations your new piece of furniture...borrowing money from mom...tsk tsk...had ta jab ya at least once..its mostly jealousy

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