Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And what did You do this weekend?

Thursday: Night Fights
Before we even get to the day of the birthday bear and the montage (MONTAGE!) of maylay that ensued, before I could even drive into front of my apartment complex and about 100 yards short of a 4-day weekend, I run into another installment of: Thursday Night Fights

The bullshit entails the usual crowds of people and the shady pimp-lookin' mutherfucker. The two big black girls standing in the middle of the street, toe-to-toe, screaming like they were trying to reach Lord have mercy! (Don't get me started on how religious people are but are the same poor bastards that will scrape your car in a parking lot and feel bad, but not so bad as to leave a note)
So as I ponder my next move, I'm starring through my windshield witness crap I haven't had the pleasure of seeing since I worked on 56th and South Captial at good ole, Bannaker High School.
Not exactly how you wanna start out your weekend, your afternoon,.....
One minute later and after I get in, I go to the front office staff who, of course, have no idea that this crap is going on about 10 feet from their door and state that if they don't call the police, then I will.
Long story short, they took their heads outta their assholes and move the silly people. Oh those Silly people, with their tempered arguments. Nothing new in 'the hood'.
Yea, but I'm not motivated to move!! =Moving on!

As was previously celebrated, it twas K's Birthday. A celebration of her birth, not how many years she's been able to survive given the daily bullcrap we all have to endure. Mozel to ya!

That eve consisted of meeting her friend Shari at D&B for a quick drink before I took my bear to dinner at her favorite place for her favorite meal.
Drinks and conversations were had before ordering our dessert to go. Homeward bound, we stop off in Borders to just have a look around. This is where my stupidity comes in.
Boy Wonder Huff calls and reminds me that at midnight X3 is playing at the regal and invites me. Hell, he even says that he understands if I can't after I state that I'm on a date with my chicka on her birthday. But no, I ask her if I can go and of course she says yes. Who is she to deny me joy.....even on her birthday, when she should be the obvious center of attention.
--Insert me going to movie in previous blog entry. Basically, I'm a moron for not sticking to one of the most basic 'guy code' rules out there: Even if she says she's not hungry, order something more than you normally would for yourself, 'cause she'll wanna try something and end up eating half of it.
Meaning, even if she says she doesn't want anything for her birthday, she doesn't want a party, you don't have to make a big deal, the most basic rule is: stay with her for the entirity of her
birth-day. 24 hours stupid!
Friday: YAWN!!!

Dinner at Parents. (too tired to fill this part in. LOL)

Saturday: I'm sure we ate, right?
----This picture is from Cherry Blossom time but never got the pictures up, so here's a preview.------------------->>>>>>
Fraggles (exhausted and not even done with school work. oh well)

Sunday: Phones still on silent
2:00pm - a leisurely drive to Wendys for 'breakfast' a few minutes after we woke. While Wendys is my favorite fast food, I fear this week will be the week I begin to 'clean out' my system of some of the toxicins.

- We bought an Entertainment Center (EtC). Above is the used one. Still in great shape.
Want it?
Contact me using
AIM: Needtsza

or just email me.

2:00am - K actually wanted me to stay on Die Hard 3 last night. Twas Commerical free, except for Rescue Me which happens to play on the same channel (FX). For those that were sleeping, June __ is the start of Season 3. Was amazing that she wanted to stay on: a. such a crappy movie, b. a movie with things blowing up!, and c. I thought it was hilarious going from scene to scene

K didn't make it til the end of the movie as she required sleep. I made a minor point about my not wanting to go to bed alone, as I've been known to do. Anyway, I put the bear to bed and headed back out for my work on the EtC

Monday: Final Day of Vacation
Woke up....wasn't really ready so I kept the girl in bed as long as possible, but then it was time to get a move-on. I guess it was just past noon, so it wasn't an unGodly time but this is after hitting the sack around .....well, I don't know. I was on the couch after the sun had arisen, when bear

Finally, the EtC is finished. Time to make the big switch of the cables and wires and....well, just Wait for that pissing and moaning blog. Yea. If you've ever done it, you know what a pain in the dick I'm about to go through.

Wish me luck to getting to bed, as I didn't really do the grading I wanted to get done by tommorrow. I gotta compile these assessment on form grades and enter both those and the participation grade sheets into the computer so we can send out a mass email to the kids and parents about grades before finals the following week.

**Update: As I clean the back of the TV and the Entertainment Center, I find an S-video input to the TV. We've been huddling over K's computer watching Grey's Anatomy (if I didn't mention it) but now we can watch on the tv!!**
Ok. Enough . LOOK FOR AN UPDATE by Tuesday, 8:00pm


DaGince said...

Ok Ok Ok, right..so these 2 black girls walk into a cheese shop, and the first one goes "you got an ass the size of dat buildin'"....no wait, or is it...the 2nd girl is a wide as that bookshelf...thick as a fireplug?...Anyway it, ends up that one of them is really fat and they fight about it...I suck at telling jokes

honeykbee said...

Hey maybe those two ladies were fighting because one of them put the wrong flavor of icing on the other ones cupcakes? Now that is good reason to throw down in the streets.

honeykbee said...

and, dagince, you tell jokes just fine. Just fiiiine... lol @ "thick as a fireplug" lol

Scott said...

"Meaning, even if she says she doesn't want anything for her birthday, she doesn't want a party, you don't have to make a big deal, the most basic rule is: stay with her for the entirity of her birth-day."

::insert me doing an impression of Toot from "Drawn Together" doing the "DUHHHHHHHHHHH"::

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

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