Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Say Goodbye to Craigs, Boy-30

Well, given I have less than 36 hours til I am officially 30 years old......
and I've given up on sellin' shit to people on Craigslist.
-Those who know me, know this is a big deal.-
Last Wednesday was the final straw. I was contacted a few days earlier by 'M' to buy my router.
After a few days delay, this jackass emailed me around 730 to say he was "en route" from Va. This shoulda been my first clue at how annoying this moron was gonna be to deal with.
And I was right.
Around 9 he calls to tell me that he should be here in 15 minutes.
9:15pm - He's obviously lost as he's asking me how close I am to some street that I have no idea where the hell it is. He was such an idiot, I had to pass the phone to Huff, who had trouble too.
Cut to a half hour and 4 phone calls later, I hung up on the fool after I hear some jackass in the background say that "Tell this guy to get his ass out here if he wants to sell this thing" and when I ask for where they are, they tell me that trees are on one side of the street and houses on the other.
I mean these douchebags were sitting in their car, half a mile away and asking if I live in the forest. The Forest. "Yyyyyessss...I live in the forest. Come to the third tree, turn right and when you splash into the second pond, look to your right and my place is under the bushes"
We both (Huff and I) told him where to go, I tried to explain that he went too far and how to get to me. I gave up. Who gives a shit about selling a router for 20 bux after 3 hours of non-sense? Plenty of other people would give me a lot less hassle....even on C'list, but alas it's strickly Ebay from now on. Which is a whole other story of why I'm pissed at them.
For now, I enjoy the quiet life. Under a bush in my forest of apartment buildings.
:Rolls Eyes:


I-66 said...

my one Craigslist selling experience was actually good... had 2 tickets to a concert at Merriweather but ended up not being able to go.. 2 days before I put them on Craigs for face (knocked off the [in]convenience fee) and a girl wrote me almost immediately, came by, cut me a check, and that was that.

As a bonus, she was hot... but that's neither here nor there.

Scott said...

lol. they probably ate up a 40$ tank of gas to save 10$ on a router. lol!!!

people amaze me.

honeykbee said...

I said the same thing, scott, about the gas. I was there for this little exchange and let me tell you, B was (as he usually is with people who aren't me) incredibly patient! This dude was R-U-D-E! A totally rude dude.

More often than not, tis been my experience, that CL people are insane and/or have rabies.

Which is a big insult coming from a treedweller.

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