Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Jazz and Blues

Good morning poor souls. Take your aleve, drink your coffee and put on the blues/jazz channel on Sirius. Prepare for a wonderful day inside, for on this day we slumber as the sky rains down and cools the earth.

Turns out Apple and I were born in the same month.

So on Fark, I was made aware of this link that is finally a creative piece without too much bullshit, messin' it up.

That's all for now. Gotta get to sleep. Football in the morning unless the weather gets me outta it and I can sleep in.

They're coming June 7th.

TTFN - Friday, 2am-ish

UPDATE: Saturday, 8:53am - Games still on.
Weather Report: Rain, All-day
Stupid level: I'm an idiot!

UPDATE: Saturday, 9:35am - CANCELLED
Weather: Duh! We knew this 2 hours ago
Stupid level: They're retarded!
Status: Tired, but at least not stuck in the rain.
Also coming soon: TONS of "'Kers on the Hunt" pictures


honeykbee said...

I really, really, enjoyed that first paragraph. Oh and the "ifart". Of course. *roll eyes* ;)

Scott said...

you're just jealous cuz you can't operate a mac ;-)

ATR said...


Saw you stopped by my blog. Thought I'd return the favor.
At the risk of repeating myself (in print), Three Creeks is in central Missouri, north of Jefferson City.

I'm originally from Baltimore (lived there from birth to 30)...enjoyed the pics of the O's in "action".

Good stuff, BTW.

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