Thursday, March 02, 2006


Happy Birthday Huff! March 5, 1976 - March 5, 2006 +
Welcome to the land of the half dead, or so I'm told. I'll meet ya there in 38 Days and counting.

To celebrate, I bought CASINO. We all went out to Caddies in Bethesda. Since Huff and I didn't eat dinner, we got drunk real fast. I sober'd up real fast too, so I drove home and smoked a J on the way. Kept my happy-place in mind.

Dear Bear,

You say I never laugh, you make me smile minute by minute. You pictures are cute, even when they're seemingly out of place and make no sense. You words flow, even when you say "Gulululululululu"
How could you ever believe I don't think you're funny, BeeLog?

Now On with the Show.....

Now if you know me, then you know I never answer my phone. It could be sitting right next to me, but the likelyhood of a. me wanting to talk to you, or b. not being high and Being able to talk to you, is rare indeed. This
leads me to the story that was Saturday.....glad it's not sunday,......cause that's my fun day.....just another manic....-record scratch-

Day started off as most do, around 1:30 in the afternoon and draggin' ass given my state of dope-hangover-noncoffee-head

Two of my best friends dropped by last night. A true highlight of 2006!

J-love and his lovely wife Kate Dawg, two of the WVU Crew! They were on their way back from state I have given banishment to, Va. as his sister was getting married. Significant to mention since I'll be going to see her, J-love, and the baby this coming week.
This kid is one lil'cutie at 3 months, but I'll be able to tell you more once back from chillin with them. Thursday, I have two clients in the morning and that'll end around 9:20am. Could put me in Harrisburg by noon, with a shower. Kate, if you read this, holla.
Meanwhile, I don't hate babies. I love em...except the whole crying, pooping, wwah thing ;)

Meanwhile, another day down.

My DVD of the Year arrived andwe watched Walk the Line. Well, K stuck through Lost, but couldn't make it to the movie. (It was 11:30)

So Jeff and I were watching the movie, as he'd never seen it. Couldn't stop him from giving a constant commentary, including questions to himself about the flick, until about 25 minutes in.

Once that happened, he started to get really into it. We're 38:46 in and I got other shit to talk about.

It ain't me babe. No no no, it ain't me babe. It ain't me you'r lookin' for.

<---For Fun----:::ENLARGED PICTURE:::

People have asked me lately about the situation surrounding marriage between my boo and myself.
I wanna say it once for the world to hear and not really talk about it publicly, until things are in a more formal state.
Needless to say, things continue to progress positively and we couldn't be happier with one another. We've really hit a stride that appears to be working. (No!! No poo-poo'n it) I love her with all my heart and will never let her go.
Btw, She's the one that sent me the link above.

Tuesday and part of thursday
Up and Coming on Episode 216: The Bitching Years, we piss and moan further about CUC and the strenuous argument I had with my professor, that fuckin' douchebag!

After an amazingly annoying day at the 'office', I was lucky enough to play some really hard racquetball. Just need to mention because I hope to be starting a Bee Fit section, highlighting my current exercise stage. Anyway......
.....Below you get back to the bitching:

A letter from my professor to myself regarding a disagreement we had over...well, you'll see.

first of all, I don't appreciate you arguing with me about the answers and what is correct/incorrect. You can discuss with me about the exam questions and give me feedback but telling me what I should do is not tolerated. It would have been much more beneficial for you to approached me with a polite manner. Although you disagreed about the way I graded your exam, that does not give you a right to get angry and be disrespectful.
I understand that you misunderstood the two questions but we went over the information in class and I also talked to you after the quiz. Moreover, everyone else understood the questions. If you don't know what I'm looking for when you are taking an exam, you should come ask me.
At this point, I'm not letting you make up any points. However, I will keep your "misunderstanding" in mind. Remember that an exam is only 10% of the grade and 70% of your grade is still to come. But keep in mind that the behavior you present in the classroom may be reflected in the course grade.
Brian, you are one of my best students and I know you study hard. I hope this continues and your final grade will be one that you're expecting and deserve.

I could go off for days on this douchebag for fuckin' threatin' me, but I already talked to the head of the department so he can fuck himself. A long story could have been behind this, but i'm tired and I have better blogs to go on about.


An old friend of mine is turning 30 today. Haven't talked to him in a long time. He called once when he was home but I've never searched for him. I guess I've tried to just leave the past to the past.

SATURDAY - Yesterday

Donnie Darko aka DarknissDarkniss has been quite the humor bone of the day. Because I've learned how to read through his sarcastic and somewhat coded speech pattern, we've become quite friendly for not really knowing the guy. Here he is, being funny

needtsza (11:35:48 PM): India's new sales pitch to vistors: Visit India! Where you don't have to shower
DD (11:36:30 PM): "India....Yes we too have the grass"

Meanwhile, we have watched some fucking nonsense today. While entertaining to the masses and I understand why it could be in the running for awards, the simplicity of the movies actual impact of me was so minimal, The Waking Life could never been ranked in my top anything.

For K:
i need a shower that...
i need one with a radial arm that scratches my balls

Anyway, I've been working on this blog for too long and I have better blogs to work on. Keep in tune, as I may add to this one. I'll change the title to Updated with the date if i do , but prolly you'll just get a new post.

Shit. only two people read this anyway. (yes, i doubled my readers!)

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