Monday, March 06, 2006

VIva Las Gingis

----From Last Sunday----
WE DID IT!!!!!!

I watch "Las Vegas", I watch "CSI: Las Vegas", I've been there once.
Time for round 2!

Around my birthday, my bear and I are off to Funland again! Woo Hoo! Something for K to look forward to and not pray for death, slumped over a keyboard and a venti mocha (extra shot?)

Another conversational quote that needed to be posted: (See the last blog entry for the first of many more)

Me (10:57:03 PM): king kong with 3 oscars. jeezz
Huff (10:57:08 PM): word
Huff (10:57:14 PM): i left 2 hours in to piss
Me (10:57:51 PM): ha
Me (10:57:55 PM): never saw
Huff (10:58:15 PM): i missed the last hour
Me (10:58:24 PM): you pissed for an hour?!

From Monday:
So I took the lil' bear to the vet today. We woke up around 11:30am, just in time to rush around for his noon appointment. We were totally on time, for those keeping score at home.

He was a good 'Kers except for running under the bed after my inital lift-to-the-cage failed.

Very safe and healthy, but they wanna clean his teeth. What is anybody's imput on anesthesia?

Prospective brought to by Tucker Max, courtesy of : I can see myself getting married, but I have to meet the right woman. She has to be hot, fun, smart, willing to subvert her desires and interests to mine but not be obsequeous about it, be emotionally stable and a rock for me to lean on while not really asking much from me, and be willing to let me fuck other women while she stays true to me. In other news, I also want to buy a unicorn and a leprechan! And they can be best friends with my wife!

The Weekend is Coming,The Weekend is Coming.
For this upcoming ski weekend, it's time to start the pre-packing:
Clothes, cigarettes, weed, computer, playstation games, rain gear?

Sadly yes. 30% chance of rain+65 degree = 100% no snowboarding

Happens I guess. I'll miss my free poker game as online will be off for the weekend. We'll see if any random games break out at the cottage. I would put my money on some sorta fruit and housing games being a better bet.

Ok. Gotta go. QUEEN is playing the new Verizon Center (MCI) and K got tix so off we go soon soon.

anyway, no internet this week ( i don't think) so we'll see ya monday. hopefully with more of a 'normal' posts again.

and finally, we have an assortment of links to assume you in my happy trails!

"PACMAN " Jones, WVU
Bad guy? Nayh....

Carolina Steriods

Kiss and die


NOW Ipod is ok. God said so.


DaGince said...

Well Shut my done did update a whole mess of things now didntchanaw? that even close to being a teenage colloquialisms?

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