Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Money Game - Round One

I love finding random shit in pockets. and might be asking yourself why the fuck does he has a keychain of Beaker the Muppet.
Well the picture isn't trying that it cost 10 bux, I carry it for luck. Yes, I am a bit supersticous. Not to the point of believing a crystal controls the universe and I've already been to and am back from the world of formalized religion.
So sue me if I trust in things that have Nothing to do with the situation at hand, like walking around with a special lighter because I think it'll help me do better on an interview.
It's like how Crash Davis said in 'Bull Durham',
"If you believe you're playing well because you're getting laid, or because you're not getting laid, or because you wear women's underwear, then you are!"

And on that note, let the game begin:

What Would You Do for $20,000.00?

So on the topic of my Word of the Week is Bukkake,<--click-->Definition
we to celebrate I reprise the GAME OF THE WEEK!!!! :cue fanfare:

So what would you do for 20k? The strangest,dirtiest, darkest, backwards-ass, wrong shit to that you can offer up as something you'd do in order to take home Twenty Thousand Dollars. That's what I wanna see.

WINNERS receive:
$10 off at Buca-De-Pepo
and an Honorable Mention for one week!


BP said...

for 20,000 I'd shit in my mothers coffee and force it down her throat.

Needtsza said...

Not exactly what we were looking for, my man

honeykbee said...

Me: entering comment: "For $20,000 I'd shit down J's moms throat directly."

B keysdropping: "that's not what I meant!"

Me: "what did you mean, then? I don't understand the question"

B: "You know! Having sex with a donkey or masturbating in front of a crowd or something! You know the usual"

Me: "?!?"

MappyB said...

I would do absolutely NOTHING for 20,000.00. Why not? Because I deserve the money just for being me, that's why. :)

Thanks for stopping by my site - how'd you find me?! DC BLogs? And a visit from an 'A' List Blogebrity! I'm flattered! :)

Oh, and by the way, Beaker rocks, so no worries there!

DaGince said...

Wow its like you put this game together just for me...

For 20 thousand dollars I would. Dress entirely in recon black, break into barnum and bailey's livestock holding area, steal 2 grey elephants, 1 unicycle riding bear, 4 spider monkeys, 3 male lions and a giraffe.

With my newly aquired friends in tow, I would quickly and quietly make my way to back to my plastic covered floor garage in Queens. And start the web cam, as not to miss a nano second of the upcomming antics.

I would then promply drug each of them with elephant tranqs, regarless of size or species they would all get the good stuff, and lots of it.
Myself included.

Flipping on some Barry White and poping the cork on a few bottles of cooks sparkling wine, to start the evening of sexual shannangins, would be in order, shortly after the drugs took hold.

Using picture in picture technology on the big screen. I would simitanously show the mating rituals of each animal that I captured, and continually flipping thru each species as fast as possible, I would make them all watch, a Clockwork Orange scenario, but in reverse and with animals. When everyone was all good and hard or wet, the real fun would begin.

Tie 3 spider monkeys to the tails of Lions.
Cover lion/monkey combo with female elephant urine.
Open 50 gallon drum of astroglide, dump on floor near giraffe.
Push Unicycle bear into giraffe area.
Turn up the mating ritual video's volume to drown out Barry White.
Sit down in lazy boy recliner with remaining monkey smoke a joint him with and laugh.

...Do I win?....

Malcolm said...

I'd steer clear of cross currents, cook curry at Carl's, tell Laura I love her and drive straight towards the sun from a quarter to two till near six thirty, stop at Shannagian's for drinks and mix'd nuts and hope happy hour doesn't end before I'm so wrecked that all chance of retaining memory of that day will be erased, sleep till noon and repeat.
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