Thursday, March 23, 2006

Attempt to be "Normal"

So in an attempt to speak about my own life and not just ramble on about some non-sense or post links I think are amusing, I'm changing (with the help of one of my best friends) the template to include links on the side.
This is my last ploy to have you comment and leave your link.

Ok, done begging and onto a 'normal' format, that includes my personal life. I won't be escaping the raging, as Noodle pointed out, that just wouldn't be me, but there might be some positive things included after today. Stay tuned but.....

K wrote about this topic too, but I found it appropriate for the horse to speak on the topic of the dung that invades his personal space.

So for weeks, I try to study or whatever in our apartment and keep hearing yelling, slamming of doors and outright screams that would have the police kick the door-in, but I've dealt as it's part of "Aparment Living" (air quotes, actually, by my neighbor but let's not jump ahead). I just yell that they need to quiet down, shut up, "Stop fucking around!" as I'm being disturbed while wearing noise reduction headphones (that kick ass by the way) and listening to the New Green Day. These people must have mental problems.

So finally Tuesday, I've had enough.
I'm on the case; running in and out of the apartment and around the building, staring in people's windows to see if I can find out who the F is doing this! I suspect the people below me, as I've seen blinds fly and heard noises coming directly from there. But I'm not convinced because I've knocked on the door previously and gotten no answer. Nobody would just ignore it, right?

Guess they would because after about an hour of going in and out of my apartment and running around like a peeping tom, I stand outside the door and ring ring...knock knock for over 10 minutes.

Standing out there like an asshole for 10 minutes in the cold at 630pm, I see a change in light through the peephole but get no answer.

Finally I hear a scream from the door to somebody (or thing) in the back of the apartment for that thing to "Stay outta my room or else!" so I take the opportunity to state that I can see them at the door and they "don't need to open the door but I'd appreciate if they listened to me for a minute".
A voice answers and here's how the conversation went:

Pussy kid voice, "Go ahead"

Me: "I'm your upstairs neighbor and I can hear everything that you're doing and I hear screaming by a child that sounds like they're in trouble. . . . yada yada yada. . . . If it continues, I'll be forced to contact the police as a minor in trouble requires me to contact the authorities."

After a minute of silence,
boy: "It must be the neighbors"

Me: "No, I heard you yelling to the back of your apartment and your voice matches the one I've heard upstairs for weeks."

boy: "The noise will stop."

So I walk away and head upstairs. A few hours passed and then I get a knock on the door.

It's the mother of course and this obvious single mother came straight from her job as a nurse, or something that involves scrubs to find her son complaining/crying about the big, bad man upstairs.

So you'd like to think that she would have some sort of bed-side-manner or whatever, but NO. She's a real bitch! Eh. Whatcha gonna do. Her kid sucks and she must deal with some real shitty sick people or something.

As K says, I guess I'm quite patient.....just don't ask me about babies crying.

...More details about the neighbors on K's Blog

AS FOR ME, I'm going to bed.

Good Night, Jakie


honeykbee said...

Is one of us supposed to be a horse in this scenario ;)?

Good night Jakie...

Scott said...

There is something to be said for mandatory sterilization...

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