Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok. I'd like to ditch the bad attitude I've had for.....too long. At least on here. Maybe have a seperate site that's for pissing and moaning (not a bad name for it either) but I'm even having trouble thinking of a good name.


I do this because I'm tired of always being so negative and if I can get positive on the blog, I'm thinking it can turn my attitude about life more positive. Hey, sue me for trying to be happier and share that with the world.

Who wants to read about a lunatic? Obviously no one since I'm writing to myself and whoever likes to write "FUCK YOU " about 100 times.

So, help out anybody. I'd like to hear from Seth, Mccurdys, JKC, Kass, and my normal crew.

...New format, hopeful of new friends =)

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NoodleP said...

Well - if you ever want to get some fresh air and expend some energy, Mt. Garagemore is going to be going through a landscape makeover... You might be to ried to be negative. :-) But then you just would not be the B that we know and love!

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