Monday, January 09, 2006

To Be Replaced

I hate this fucking place!

God forbid Karen and I be online at the same time, much less my being on alone! Day or night, there is so much interference that I've turned off our router and am running off somebody else. Ours kills us/me. I'm only at 28-35% such shit! Fuck Comcast, Linksys, IBM, whatever is stopping me from using the thousands of dollars of equipment.

Speaking of, SSSSOOOOO difficult to get good reception on Sirius. I'm getting so frustrated over shit these days. I can fly off the handle at shit, cause I just want it to work. I work hard, fuck if things shouldn't work for me.


LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to come to replace this post. But needed to bitch for a moment.......must be Monday. =
$6.9 million dollars worth of fines would have been assessed to Howard if on regular radio, fyi.

and for a clue of whats to come:

One of the revalations from the 11 secrets the staff told: Someone knocked a girl up and paid for an abortion. (Answers to revealed next Monday, but a quiz for you all will come. Winner will be paid real money*)

*If you get all 11 correct.
*One entry per blogger


honeykbee said...

paid real money?!

ok dadddy warbucks, I think you need to calm down. On MANY levels

Needtsza said...

1 penny baby. that's real money. but shhh..don't tell anyone. plus, you're the only one that reads this so who cares? =)

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