Thursday, January 05, 2006

Testy Testy...1, 2.....3?

3rd Test coming up soon soon. Passed #2 yesterday with #3 coming up quick. Sadly, not quick enough that I can go away this weekend. I was planning on going with K to the mountains to hangout with me friend, Ed and Hope but alas, studying and the life of bullshit has to come first. (Sorry kids, I'll call ya later)

For now, I'm off to study some more but here are a few things of interest:

" I'd like to run over linemen more and be a more powerful runner" - Steve Slaton, Freshman RB for West Virginia. An average rb. You know, only over 200 yards and 3 tds in the Sugar Bowl. That's with the QB running for almost 200 himself (also a Freshman). If our line holds up, we're gonna be singin' like V.Young and the Pride of Texas soon enough.

And how about those Longhorns! Made the Heisman Trophy winners look like the Brokeback Mountain characters (Which K is going to see tonight....without me....Thank god for her girlfriends. The girlfriends who have no idea what they're in for!)

Anyway, Bush looked like McGahee during the 2005-06 NFL season (flat and unexciting) and had the stats of McGahee's College Championship Game without the injury (McGahee broke his knee after darting and dancing for 68 and 1 td on the ground and 72 catching and 1 td): Bush got 137 on the ground with only 1 td. Not what you'd expect from the Heisman trophy winner.

I mean, Bush beat out the Texas QB. The same QB who ran for 200 Rushing with 3 tds and only 267 passing with no tds. Only. Dude, this kid is SICK!!

McNair, McNabb, Daunte......y'all are punks compared to this kid. Ya gotta wonder if he'll return for his Senior year or if the bright lights of the big city is too much for him.

Stay tuned

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