Thursday, January 19, 2006

HaBEE Birthday

It's a blog blog blog!

It's better than bad,
it's good.
It's a BEE LOG and it's 1-year old today. Awww lil'pinkus loggus. Happy Burp Day, loggus.

Love you, bear bear


DaGince said...

I don't know who's bidet it is today but or even if this is appropriate for me to be well wishing happy thought to a nameless faceless thing that may or may not be a person...anywhichway..I just would like to pen my thoughts on this possible occasion of joy...happy birthday Mr President, your car is ready for pick up at 3pm...Sire???..I dont hear anything...TAYY INDA WINd...TAYY INDA WIND...BACK IN YOUR HOLE NELL!!!...YES IM DRUNK..SO?!?WHY WONT YOU LOOK AT ME WHEN WE MAKE LOVE!>!>>!

honeykbee said...

Wow, DaGince has certainly picked up on your writing "style". Clearly, HE should be your guest blogger!

And thank you for the BeeDay wishes! Hoorah!! It's peanut butter jelly time!!!

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