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WVU Update

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Date: Dec 15, 2005

Here are some quips, quotes and comments from Dan Mozes and Boo McLee on West Virginia's chances against Georgia and their anticipation and preparation for the Sugar Bowl.

Center Dan Mozes

On Georgia's defense: "I do not know names or personnel, but the team unit is spectacular. They are a top 10 team, you can tell. The speed and size and the way they move with size is impressive.

"We can counter that by taking control of the tempo offensively from that standpoint. The no huddle can help and we can try to pound ball. Maybe they may tire, but they have better athletes. That's a proven fact. They have better athletes than we do both sides of the ball. We have to do anything possible to take advantage of anything in the game. You can see the athletes on film. As many All-Americans as they have, that says a lot. It says you had team success, then a lot of successful individuals. Watching film for the time that I have, I have never seen anything like what we are about to face. They have speed and strength. No. 98 is a pretty big load. To see him move the way he does is pretty impressive.

"You can make minor adjustments to what you have done with this much time before a game. You can see others that have success in certain aspects. But besides that you have to rely more on yourself and your technique. You have to bring your A-plus game. If you don't do that against a great team like this and play best game you have all year against a team like Georgia, there is no way you are going to win." On past bowl losses: "We have played better teams, but overall we have to come in more hungry. We have to expect to win, even facing great teams. We have to have the mentality that we can play with anybody. The players here have lost every bowl game, and Rodriguez never won a bowl game. We want to be first team to do that for him."

On being named a second-team All-American at center: "Surprise. I got a call from (Garin Justice). He calls me when I make an award. So he calls called and told me and I was really surprised. To play center for eight games and get that for whole season was amazing."

On his arrest for noise violations and dealing in stolen goods: "It's my fault. It is something stupid that happened. I apologized to the team, and I apologize to state of West Virginia for embarrassing it and the program. I have got to move on past that.

"(Rodriguez) took disciplinary action in-house. It was private things he had me do. The reaction from team, no matter what happens, is to support teammates. Whatever the issue may be, we show 110 percent support. There has been a little extra running. Well, lot of extra running and there will be up to the bowl game. It's justified.

"Coming in and practicing is a release after what happened, just to come back and play and forget it. We have been inside of the indoor facility to get a little feel of it. We will have whole bunch of speakers and really loud music to replicate what it will be like. When people make calls, it is hard to hear, especially when it's the quarterback. Sometimes you can't hear them, so we rely on the offensive line calls and relay message from center on down."

On WVU's schemes negating some of Georgia's talent advantage: "The defense, yes, it is backward when we face them. The offense is unorthodox, but we do the same things a lot of other teams run like zone and power and options. The way we run defense is awkward. Even when wwe face them, we are used to four-man fronts, so it's weird. With this game, our speed won't be as much of a factor because of the speed Georgia possesses. We have got to hold the blocks a bit longer, like a good two seconds, so Stevie (Slaton) and Pat (White) can get downfield. Against some teams, you hold it for a second and Steve is 40 yards downfield. That won't happen here."

Linebacker Boo McLee –

On the Sugar Bowl: "We are going to have to play well and do our best. They look great. Shockley is a great quarterback and a good tight end. This game has great significance to me being that my dad ( Kevin McLee) played for Georgia (running back) and in the Sugar Bowl against Pitt and Tony Dorsett. It brings special significance. Heaid he would root for me, but wear a Bulldog hat. We'll see. I'll have to get over that. I'd do the same thing in his position.

"I considered (attending UGA), but wanted to stay closer to home. I like West Virginia and the coaches here. I wanted to come here and play football. I'm glad I did. Going there was never a serious thing. I heard he was great player. I never saw him on film or anything. But we both played running back in high school. I went to Georgia a long time ago, maybe when I was eight or nine years old. I watched them play Georgia Tech. My dad played in alumni game at Tech's stadium. He works in L.A. now."

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