Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kate and Johnny .... and Johnny

Congratulations Mama Kate and Papa Johnny!!

Approximately 39 minutes before Thanksgiving morning, Lil' Johnny Hyams arrived and smurked to himself...Knowing that he was born to be a WVU fan.

Good year kid, Sugar Bowl. Can you be our good luck charm?

We could use anything!

Anyway, haven't had much time to write as I am in the middle of finishing my finals (Monday is last day) and my Grandmother passed approximately a week and a half ago.
The funeral, there is going to be a service in Westchester, VA. (Some place I will not go, for obvious reasons) and one here in Bethesda on Wednesday. I won't get sappy as you'll have to be at the funeral for that, but I will express that I love her and miss her.
I was lucky enough to have a moment with my Grandmother. A single few moments that expressed every both of us wanted to say, and without speaking. (No details for you)

Anyway, I'm still working on Visio to build my "gym", but first I got to write a "Paper" (thank you for your editting K)

Nite nite and congrats WVU'ings big and small

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