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Roseanne Cash's Black Cadillac Is On Its Way
Tuesday November 29, 2005 @ 05:30 PM
By: Staff

Roseanne Cash
Roseanne Cash

Singer/songwriter Roseanne Cash’s forthcoming album, Black Cadillac, is a 12-song reflection penned over the past two years — a span in which she lost her father (Johnny Cash), her stepmother (June Carter Cash) and her mother (Vivian Liberto Cash Distin).

Black Cadillac, which will be released by Capitol/EMI on January 24, shows Cash contending with her family legacy while following her own path. While the album's complex emotional themes are reminiscent of her father’s work, Cash continued to take advantage of the same independent spirituality and vision that have earned her music awards, critical praise and multi-platinum success in the past.

“I’ve always found that songs can be postcards from your future,” Cash says of the title track, which was written six weeks before her stepmother became ill.

Half of Black Cadillac's songs were recorded in New York with her husband and longtime producer John Leventhal, while the other half were done in Los Angeles with producer Bill Bottrell. Frequent collaborator Benmont Tench plays keyboards on most of the tracks.

Sony Legacy is also issuing expanded versions of three of Cash’s earlier albums: Seven Year Ache, King's Record Shop and Interiors. It will also release a new collection called The Very Best Of Roseanne Cash.

Black Cadillac follows 2003's Grammy Award-nominated Rules Of Travel, which features Cash’s final duet with her father, September When It Comes.

Here's the track list for Black Cadillac:

  • "Black Cadillac"
  • "Radio Operator"
  • "I Was Watching You"
  • "Burn Down This Town"
  • "God Is In The Roses"
  • "House On The Lake"
  • "The World Unseen"
  • "Like Fugitives"
  • "Dreams Are Not My Home"
  • "Like A Wave"
  • "World Without Sound"
  • "Good Intent"
  • "0:71"
  • —Allegra Shepherd

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